Friday, October 22, 2010

Ocean Water and Vodka....

So my kid snuck out to her first party last weekend. Not technically her first sneak out or her first party but definitely her first boy girl sleep over party. Yep, I want to jab myself in the eye. The first few days of punishment were rough. Lots of fighting. Some yelling. No shaking the baby like I wanted to though. We have hit a patch where we can discuss it which is nice. But also strange to hear your kid talking about pouring vodka into a sonic ocean water. Which sounds like a damn good concoction to me. But I won’t tell her that….Yet.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jealous Much

Yes, I spent yesterday afternoon out of my office sitting on the beach drinking beer in paradise. Yep.
Though I was a bit concerned by this:

I noticed that they were only picking up garbage. I am sure the government would love to know they are paying people 20 bucks an hour to pick up tourist’s trash. But who am I to bitch? I like a clean beach with my beer.

So it is a fine Friday and I am faced with a weekend full of drinking and eating like we have friends in town for vacation….ahhh the life:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Slicks?

Not fucking cool man. It is going to cut short our summer time fun time. Who the hell is going to want to visit the emerald coast when it is shimmering in black sludge? Not so appealing to tourists. As much as they get on my damn nerves, they keep my taxes LOW. I want to get on a boat and sun my boooody and pull the kids behind in a tube. They butt love that. Plus I am sure the air from the oil will somehow wreak havoc on my sinus. HELLO snotty noses are NOT HOT.

Not to mention I am sure this will somehow raise my gas prices. Like I need that shit now. Balls. This summer may not be the jam I was hopping for.

I guess I need a new habbit. BBQ and drinking at the hizzy. Guess we are gonna have to dust off some recipies for drinks and good grub.

So my shots in my back, round 3, seem to be doing pretty well. That and a pill combo are keeping me happy tonight. Comfy bed and an ice pack are putting me over the edge. I am about to veg people.

Sweet dreams!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Botox you say??? Yes

So I have a multitude of problems with my lower abdomen. I have constant pain caused by endmitriosis - scarring- or even bladder issues. WHAT?????? Yea all these things are true. So my sweet urologist offered me botox as a solution to my bladder issue. Yea as a solution to my BLADDER. AS IN there is an injection in my bladder, not my face. UHHH No way man. I am saving my botox for my face. He did however give me a script for opium up my butt. So I am going wit that.


Monday, April 12, 2010

It is Monday and I got shot in the back.

And I paid a doctor a good chunk of change to do it too. So now I am watching any reality tv I can to escape my own and enjoy the numbing of my old school ice pack and pain pills. Ah, it is the life!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another shot

Mother fucker. I have to get another nerve block shot in my spine. BALLS. Morphine last night still has my head tripped. I am tired of the crap, so yea. Gonna get the shot.

AND tonight someone was describing a woman to me and said, "she was old as balls, like mid thirties"


I am not old I PROMISE

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Nail Lady

I am really tired of feeling like I got robbed when I go to the salon. I need to get my nails done or fixed when I come in the salon. You know, a service, for which I pay after the services ARE RENDERED. Not BEFORE you paint my nails- That is bullshit. I have to tip you before you are done? AND you try to force me to use cash by charging a fee for debit card transactions? I am calling fucking BULLSHIT on that one. I mean really, if I tried to get paid for two weeks of work three days before payday, that shit would not wash, anywhere.

So here nail lady....I am tired of being held hostage. From now on you get cash- and a tip only when my nails are dry AFTER the fake sunlight/fan hits my nails for a indetermined amout of time. And don't think I don't know that little trick you pull when you are "looking" for change for a 20. I got you- I will bring my ones from the scrip club from now on!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

I have spent much of the last month in a funky place. Not feeling well....stupid abdominal pain. I feel tired from it all, but I think I am going to try and work my way through this. Maybe try to be more healthy, work out more. As I type this, all I can think about is chocolate pudding. In fact, I think I am going to get some right now. It is totally 60 calories and not as good as girl scout cookies. Speaking of those triffling hookers. How is it they have made cookies smaller and put them in smaller packages with out clearing it with me. What kind of bullshit is that. I spend good money on that shit and now I am getting 8 to a box. There are 5 people in my house all of whom will cut a bitch for one of those crack cookies. I think there should have been some sort of national voting before they ran with this new size/style. Or they should have asked me first. Now I want my the rest of my box, bitch!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm gettin tired of yo shit

My body is REALLY PISSING ME OFF. I have gone through about 8 different operations in the last 5 years. They seem to be all related to my reproductive parts. Minus my appendectomy this month. But I think it is still related some how. Seems it decided to grow out of it's normal shape and into my empty cavity where the reproductive organs USED to be. I can't prove it but I think it is my bodys revenge on me. Yea I am paranoid like that.
Anyway, I have been to the ER about 4 times this year for the nagging pain in my lower abdomen that never seems to want to take a break. I usually do not find any new information when I get outta the place. Most times it is some non descript diagnosis with a "follow up with your regular DR"
Today I had to go in again because of the agony from my lower abdomen. Knowing that I am going to get drugged and sent on my merry way, I decided to go anyway because I could not take it. This time I was ok with it because I know I have an appt with a speciaist in two weeks. So this time, I thought I would be glad to take the meds, as long as there is an end result I can live with. Amazingly, I did find out some new information. I still have my cervix. After 3 years of thinking I was competely with out said cervix I found out that sucker was still in there. That does not really change my outcome. I was still told to follow up, but was given enough meds not to have to come back before my appt with the specialist. But now I have new information about my body. I am not compeltely with out my woman parts. Score one for me....I think

Saturday Night Live in Destin

Remember when this happened??

Saturday night was pretty much a freakin great time. I enjoyed hanging out with James-Josh-Joe-(and cute blonde who's name I forget) Sitting at the bar watching videos at Hard Rock drinking beer was great fun. Anytime I am yelling in public that "ROB ZOMBIE IS A FUCKING GENIUS" with people who agree with me is going to be a fantastic night. We hung there for a while and of course went to Fuds. Why? Because 10 dolla all you can drink is fantastic- All the better when you are around people that make you crack the fuck up.
James steadily got LOADED. You know how fun he gets when he is plastered. His whole mission was to get Josh loaded before the got on a plane at 9AM! Yea, back to the sand. So James had to get him wasted and himself along the way. James is buying shots for the band- cracking me up. I loved the hell out of Greg's headband- The light shining on Josh all night- was a riot. He kept saying he felt like Jesus. Which if you were there, you would have seen him act like he thought he was. Couple that with Greg kinda looking a bit like Jesus himself. A bachlorette party with a chick in gold who might of thought she should be a stripper. Man, what a funny night.

We get home at 11- yes- 11! We had to cause the girls were at the house. I am trying to get James in with out them noticing he is loaded. You know he wants to chat it up. So we go outside to let Bradley out. It is 1130 by now. Bradley wants to play, so James chases him. At this point it is not worth my time to try and stop James from injuring himself because he is beyond the point of reason. Bradley is fast now and pretty damn agile. So James is trying hard to catch him. ( Sober it is difficult enough because the dog is just FAST) So at one point James thinks he has the dog cornered- but not so fast…Bradley dodges, and wham- James flies head first into the fence. I am falling on the ground laughing now. I mean in HYSTERICS! James is of course ok. But I am cracking up. We finally all get into the house, and you know James wants to have sex. No come on. You just flew head first into the fence- obviously you are wasted. If that is not enough, the girls are out in the living room watching TV. Drunk people do not have quiet sex. EVER. Still he kept trying to convince me. Baby, I will be quiet- in the whisper only a drunk person can scream- I kept saying no cause he would pass out on me or something So he gives up and decides to shower. Which I beg him not to do because I am afraid he will fall down from drunkenness or the concussion he probably got from the fence. He will not listen to me though and showers. Luckily he makes it out- and proceeds to try to get some until he passes out a whopping 3 minutes later!
It was so funny! All I could do is laugh at him! He is a nut job, but I love him!

Vodka Anyone?

There is something you need to know, in the event that you do not have this information, allow me to enlighten you…..

Children have a boundless sense of entitlement. When they are in the womb, they take every bit of nutrient they need from your body. If you are lacking a vitamin, they will take it from your bones. Once they are born, they will suck the life right out of your tit, only to shit and vomit it back up on you later. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that will not change as they get older. Sure they don't feed from your tit literally but they sure will suck the hell out of your bank account. The vomiting thing still happens occasionally when it is at the worst time possible. Say when you are scheduled to go out of town or you have a birthday.
When they get older they want the newest and the best of all things, only to cast it aside later as if it were worthless. Then there you are scratching your head wondering what the hell you bought that useless piece of crap for anyway….Ten days later, they will want the newest version of the "nothing" they already have. Looking for more ways to spend your money, they will not even offer up a thank you for your efforts making dinner. Chances are they will say, "Chicken again? Can we go out to eat?"
When they are teens, they spend their time trying to grow up and get away from you. Make no mistake, that little thing that sucked the nutrients out of your body, will continue to age you well past your good years. You will spend countless nights awake wondering if you are doing the right thing, making the right choices, giving too much/not enough. It is a horror- There is no doubt that there will be screams and tears, and that is YOUR part. No matter how different you swore you would be, or how cool you think you are, you will be the biggest dork your child has ever seen. No amount of hip speak or cool gadgets will make you anything less than an embarrassment to your child.

With all this said, you may think I have the worst children in the world. Well that is far from the case. They are magnificent, intelligent, loving and kind-when they are asleep! I kid, I kid. They all have the moments, when they look at you, and you know that you are blessed to have them in your life! I will tell you something though, the peace corps got it wrong. Parenthood is the toughest job you will ever love. So here's to my fellow parents feeling my pain.

So in closing- I will steal a line from a great man, "Every one hold your drinks up high and say- FUCK PARENTHOOD!"

Freedom, Love

Sometimes death brings sorrow, Sometimes it brings freedom

Freedom to grow, Freedom to be

An exhale of that last breath can dispel the anger with in

As I float through my freedom it becomes clearer
There are times that you are to be
Times that you are not

It is not for a person to decide his place in this world
Rather, the world to decide your place

I am floating – enjoying the breeze
loving the pace- accepting my place

Becoming the better me

So I can love the better you

Acceptance is the ultimate opportunity

Love who you accept

Freedom is a blessing I wish all


You knew me at a time

When I was lonesome, Afraid

I needed your ear, you insights

We bonded over life - problems- men

Spent hours on end hashing and rehashing our dreams

Trying to find the anwsers to all the worlds problems

Looking for peace in a an 12 oz bottle and a pack of smokes

In the many moons since, problems have faded- time

has healed wounds, spiritual growth suppassed pettiness

Forgivness gave way to healing now we are in different places

There is more to life than petty fights-

The good times always outweigh the bad

When I think back to my time on this planet

I will always remember the brilliant nights

Teach your kids everything before they are 13

Considering the fact that I am a younger mom, I am not very cool. I mean I don't let my kids stay up on the computer or text all night on a school night, I give them a curfew, I make their boyfriends/girlfriends hang out with them in a public part of the house, and I of all things must know where they are when they are not with me.

Worst of all- I want better for them. Take this into consideration.

My daughter (16) has been in a "relationship" with a boy we will call DB for about 9 months. In those 9 months they have broken up 5 times. She cries nearly every day. She has lost friends over this relationship. Mainly because her taking her focus off of him makes them fight. He is controlling and manipulating. This behavior has changed my sweet tender hearted daughter into a full on raging teen girl filled with angst and boarder line stalker behavior. Not that I have been above stalking and busting into a boyfriends email when I was in my 20's, but again, we want better for her. I want her NOT to be needy and insecure! Cue me spending months wasting my time trying to point out how unhealthy the relationship is. Cue her ignoring me and feeling oppressed.

In the last two months it has gotten completely out of control. We fight with her every day and she gets grounded consistently. Then the clouds parted about two weeks ago. She realized, or at least admitted to me that I was right about the relationship, his manipulations, and that she was scared because he was trying to make everyone think he got wronged her reputation would be damaged. Though I wanted to punch DB in the face, and do a victory dance cause she said I was right, I did not. I simply told her that she should trust that the people that knew her would know better and that no matter what she did, he was going to think what he wanted. She seemed on a mission to teach him that he can not treat people that way. Ever the handyman that girl.

Anyway, on to today. She has spend nearly every fucking minute texting this kid. Like she can not breathe with out some kind of contact. I WANT TO SHAKE HER LIKE A BABY. But I can't. I get so frustrated that I take her cereal bowl from her and slam it on the counter...yea that will teach her. I know full well that this strong willed small person resembling my daughter will do as she pleases. (where the hell does she get that from?) In the end all I can do Is let her be who she is and hope I taught her something that stuck BEFORE she turned 13.