Monday, May 3, 2010

Oil Slicks?

Not fucking cool man. It is going to cut short our summer time fun time. Who the hell is going to want to visit the emerald coast when it is shimmering in black sludge? Not so appealing to tourists. As much as they get on my damn nerves, they keep my taxes LOW. I want to get on a boat and sun my boooody and pull the kids behind in a tube. They butt love that. Plus I am sure the air from the oil will somehow wreak havoc on my sinus. HELLO snotty noses are NOT HOT.

Not to mention I am sure this will somehow raise my gas prices. Like I need that shit now. Balls. This summer may not be the jam I was hopping for.

I guess I need a new habbit. BBQ and drinking at the hizzy. Guess we are gonna have to dust off some recipies for drinks and good grub.

So my shots in my back, round 3, seem to be doing pretty well. That and a pill combo are keeping me happy tonight. Comfy bed and an ice pack are putting me over the edge. I am about to veg people.

Sweet dreams!

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