Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday Night Live in Destin

Remember when this happened??

Saturday night was pretty much a freakin great time. I enjoyed hanging out with James-Josh-Joe-(and cute blonde who's name I forget) Sitting at the bar watching videos at Hard Rock drinking beer was great fun. Anytime I am yelling in public that "ROB ZOMBIE IS A FUCKING GENIUS" with people who agree with me is going to be a fantastic night. We hung there for a while and of course went to Fuds. Why? Because 10 dolla all you can drink is fantastic- All the better when you are around people that make you crack the fuck up.
James steadily got LOADED. You know how fun he gets when he is plastered. His whole mission was to get Josh loaded before the got on a plane at 9AM! Yea, back to the sand. So James had to get him wasted and himself along the way. James is buying shots for the band- cracking me up. I loved the hell out of Greg's headband- The light shining on Josh all night- was a riot. He kept saying he felt like Jesus. Which if you were there, you would have seen him act like he thought he was. Couple that with Greg kinda looking a bit like Jesus himself. A bachlorette party with a chick in gold who might of thought she should be a stripper. Man, what a funny night.

We get home at 11- yes- 11! We had to cause the girls were at the house. I am trying to get James in with out them noticing he is loaded. You know he wants to chat it up. So we go outside to let Bradley out. It is 1130 by now. Bradley wants to play, so James chases him. At this point it is not worth my time to try and stop James from injuring himself because he is beyond the point of reason. Bradley is fast now and pretty damn agile. So James is trying hard to catch him. ( Sober it is difficult enough because the dog is just FAST) So at one point James thinks he has the dog cornered- but not so fast…Bradley dodges, and wham- James flies head first into the fence. I am falling on the ground laughing now. I mean in HYSTERICS! James is of course ok. But I am cracking up. We finally all get into the house, and you know James wants to have sex. No come on. You just flew head first into the fence- obviously you are wasted. If that is not enough, the girls are out in the living room watching TV. Drunk people do not have quiet sex. EVER. Still he kept trying to convince me. Baby, I will be quiet- in the whisper only a drunk person can scream- I kept saying no cause he would pass out on me or something So he gives up and decides to shower. Which I beg him not to do because I am afraid he will fall down from drunkenness or the concussion he probably got from the fence. He will not listen to me though and showers. Luckily he makes it out- and proceeds to try to get some until he passes out a whopping 3 minutes later!
It was so funny! All I could do is laugh at him! He is a nut job, but I love him!

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