Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm gettin tired of yo shit

My body is REALLY PISSING ME OFF. I have gone through about 8 different operations in the last 5 years. They seem to be all related to my reproductive parts. Minus my appendectomy this month. But I think it is still related some how. Seems it decided to grow out of it's normal shape and into my empty cavity where the reproductive organs USED to be. I can't prove it but I think it is my bodys revenge on me. Yea I am paranoid like that.
Anyway, I have been to the ER about 4 times this year for the nagging pain in my lower abdomen that never seems to want to take a break. I usually do not find any new information when I get outta the place. Most times it is some non descript diagnosis with a "follow up with your regular DR"
Today I had to go in again because of the agony from my lower abdomen. Knowing that I am going to get drugged and sent on my merry way, I decided to go anyway because I could not take it. This time I was ok with it because I know I have an appt with a speciaist in two weeks. So this time, I thought I would be glad to take the meds, as long as there is an end result I can live with. Amazingly, I did find out some new information. I still have my cervix. After 3 years of thinking I was competely with out said cervix I found out that sucker was still in there. That does not really change my outcome. I was still told to follow up, but was given enough meds not to have to come back before my appt with the specialist. But now I have new information about my body. I am not compeltely with out my woman parts. Score one for me....I think

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