Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yo, Ho. HO!

Today has been a particularly crappy pain day. I can feel my insides screaming. I have had to take so much pain medication today that I am dosing on and off. My teeth feel loose from grinding them when I feel a wave of pain coming on. I wish I could be sarcastic and come up with some witty lines about life and this condition...but right now, I can't even get up and wash my face. I will be so glad when I have no pain.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Moving on, Growing up, Empty nest

The last few weeks have been worthy of so many clich├ęs I do not even know where to begin. I am so incredibly proud and happy that my oldest is in her first apartment in college. I am grateful that she is only an hour away and that she prepared herself to live on her own. She is fantastic and will do wonderfully, I have no doubt. I on the other hand am a complete nut job. I have cried non-stop and can't wait to see her again. This is rough. Thank GOODNESS, my son is staying at home for college right now. If he follows suit, I will have him for 2 more years. Though I think it is likely to only be a year before he ventures out on his own. I have an empty room that will be filled with things eventually. I am sure this kind of empty feeling is going to go away too. It will be filled with pride-probably still a bit of worry. But I am sure I will move on from this with an appreciation for my birds flying. But I will allow myself some tears now and again. The transition to my next chapter is going to be interesting- Stay tuned!