Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Nail Lady

I am really tired of feeling like I got robbed when I go to the salon. I need to get my nails done or fixed when I come in the salon. You know, a service, for which I pay after the services ARE RENDERED. Not BEFORE you paint my nails- That is bullshit. I have to tip you before you are done? AND you try to force me to use cash by charging a fee for debit card transactions? I am calling fucking BULLSHIT on that one. I mean really, if I tried to get paid for two weeks of work three days before payday, that shit would not wash, anywhere.

So here nail lady....I am tired of being held hostage. From now on you get cash- and a tip only when my nails are dry AFTER the fake sunlight/fan hits my nails for a indetermined amout of time. And don't think I don't know that little trick you pull when you are "looking" for change for a 20. I got you- I will bring my ones from the scrip club from now on!