Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesdy might suck

I am exhausted today! I managed to run my silly ass 2 miles. I am so stoked I got that far and did not die! Though I keep feeling like I can't stop eating. I am not sure how the hell it will help me to loose weight when I only run two miles but chow non stop! I keep arguing with the hubs. We really do argue about how to spend money A LOT...It is annoying. I take care of the bills and I am aware of what we need to pay for and that we need to get out of debt. Which is why I want to PLAN - but he just wants to say NO! we don't need that.... I don't respond very well to that. And the arguments begin! We are crazy close to separating our finances completely- FUUUCCCCKKKK I am going to get a damn snack!!!

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