Thursday, June 13, 2013

Off to the Races

The title reminds me of when I was growing up in nowhereville and kids used to "go to the races" on the weekend. I mean, is this an actual race track or someone's back yard dirt bike track?
I am not referencing a physical race, but a mental one. I seem to have an issue dashing off to the next issue rather than enjoying anything. If I am at work, my brain is focusing on problems at home- when I am at home, my brain is racing back to work. It is almost as if I miss the joy of the moment entirely because I am concerned about getting to or creating the next moment. It is causing me to miss so much and frankly it is becoming exhausting. If I were a triathlete (hahahahahahahahha) I would liken it to biking through the water. Being so obsessed with accomplishing the task at hand as well as preparing for the next, I am drowning and getting nowhere. Fuck, that is really depressing. I seriously need to work on that....but while I am working on that, I have to plan my anniversary weekend......see what I mean?

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